All The Time In The World

Strange things happen sometimes as a college student athlete…like when your second practice of the day gets cancelled unexpectedly. Like WHAAAAAAAT am I supposed to do with all my time?

I mean with all off my extra two and a half hours?

When I get a tiny break in my schedule, like a day or a cancelled class, it feels like a whole world of opportunity has been opened up for me. Not even because I’m run off my feet this semester, but I’m still constantly busy. I’m still pulling 14 hour days, just ones that are less stressed out and more chill. Today all we got was a text announcing we had practice cancelled…and I kid you not I sat down and wrote the longest to do list I have written all year.

You’d think I had been given a week off. Revamp my resume, overhaul my LinkedIn, write five blog posts, cover 4 Econ chapters, 2 Liability chapters, send 8 emails….I wish I was exaggerating! We get lulled into such a state of time constraint that when we spot a small window of opportunity we try to bust through it with way more baggage than necessary. Like that extra two and a half hours was going to give me enough to accomplish everything I wanted to do for the week, when something as small as a nap could have wiped that time away anyways? (I didn’t nap) (But I thought about it).

With the amount of joy we get form one cancelled practice, it makes me daydream what life would be like if I didn’t spend 20 hours a week at the pool…but then I realize that life sounds boring and I’m pretty happy with how life looks now. The reason those hours feel soooo good to myself is BECAUSE they’re rare and special and unique- because there is absolutely no way I could be trusted with that much free time.

Did I get through everything I thought about doing today? No hahahaha. I’m sitting here with my fancy to do list in front of me with a little over a third of the items crossed out. I’m just going to cross out “Tuesday” and make it my weekly To-Do List; everybody has done that before right?

Well at least now I get to cross off “Blog”. Nothing can be more satisfying than crossing things off a To-Do List (and side note I did revamp my LinkedIn- has anybody written about LinkedIn? I’d love to see it!)


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