The Blogger I Am Not

Something I didn’t know when I began blogging was the sheer vast amount of space on the internet that has been claimed, with hundreds blogs out there to be read! While I have grown as a blogger myself, I have found my favorites to consume and enjoy and multitudes of social media accounts to give me that scrolling entertainment throughout the day.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again- I’m still figuring out my blogging niche. I love exploring so many topics and writing whatever insane thoughts that float in and out of my brain every day. I am no rush to reach a certain audience or industry, and while I day dream of all the things this blog could morph into, I’m content with where lauren elyse CAN is and where it’s headed.

With that being said, I may not know where I am going but I know where I am not! I will never be a…

1. Fashion Blogger. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a fashion blogger put up only post a week that would feature the same outfit every time. I’d be miserable as a fashion blogger- I only own one pair of jeans. I own six pairs of heels that I’ve maybe worn two pairs. Once each. The exception to this rule is if I completely turned this blog into “What Version of Yoga Pants and Spandex Did Lauren Wear Today.”

2. A DIY-er/Craft Blogger. I may consider myself a creative person, but that most definitely doesn’t not translate into art for me. Pinterest you’re a lifesaver but I will never been one to make a unique home made holiday wreath, or any form of t-shirt blanket, or anything decor related that even considers using a hot glue gun. I get photos printed at CVS and put them in frames- good enough for me.

3. Beauty Blogger. See also 1. Fashion Blogger. Hmm which type of chap stick should I put on today? Is it worth it to put on mascara? Where is my hairbrush? (<– that one normally ends in “never mind whatever”) Face lotion counts as foundation right?

4. A Weight Loss Blogger. Sure I wrote this post one time but by no means is this blog about a healthy living journey. Honestly though when you find solid weight loss bloggers (or Instagrammers) they can write the most powerful things sometimes about the motivation and intention behind it. Don’t mess with a determined weight loss blogger, they are some focused people!

Aaaaaaand this was a last minute inclusion

5. A Mommy Blogger. DESPITE being asked yesterday if my son or daughter was playing with the MIDDLE SCHOOL basketball team I was helping out with, no. I am not a mommy blogger. I don’t ever plan on that. Do I seriously look old enough to have a ten year old child?!?


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