Weekend Recap, Judged by Time and Distance

Also known why I drove 1,678 miles in four days.

I’m going to start counting Thursdays and Fridays into the weekends when we have travel meets nowadays. It’s my last year of college! Might as well take advantage of every four day weekend while I have the chance. Unfortunately it wasn’t a typical long weekend that involved sleeping in and baking and movie nights, but rather long bus trips, kicking butt, and studying (although I did to get to wear a dress and heels! So that’s new).

Basically it went down like this: Thursday 9am loaded the bus and drove 7 hours to Michigan State University where we go straight the pool. Two hour practice, team dinner, pass out in the hotel room bed watching Harry Potter (and seriously, I mean pass out. Have I explained the love I have how hotel beds before?)


Friday 7am breakfast, 7:45am leave for the pool, two hour workout, two hours of studying hanging out with the team at the hotel, and then made our way back to the pool for our 4pm dual meet with Michigan State. Want the recap? Find it here! I’m so proud of how this team came together and performed. Nothing quite like quite a Big Ten win on the road early in the season!

Saturday 1am Arrive back in Iowa City. 6am Wake-up: coffee, breakfast, unpacking, repacking, over-packing. 7:30am Practice. 11am On the road to Bloomington, Indiana for the IU Diving Formal!

As you all remember from my posts over the summer I spent nearly a month at IU this summer working at their diving camps, and was so excited for the opportunity to come back and attend their formal! Follow me on Instagram? Check out some fancy photos there if you haven’t already, like this one


All black everything was the theme of the weekend- from Hawkeye gear to Saturday night dresses

I rarely get the opportunity to really get dolled up in a dress and heels, so even though at that point I was exhausted from traveling and diving for three days straight I soaked in every second of curling my hair and not tripping over my own high heeled shoes (yes I changed shoes three times to avoid this).

Sunday 10:30am Wake-up I actually slept in?!?! 6pm on the road again back to Iowa City, where we got in around 11pm and I face planted into bed (until my alarm went off at 6am to study more…when did I become a morning person?!)

About Friday….turns out Fridays just aren’t good blogging days for me. I’ve had technical difficulties one Friday, actually forgot the next, and then was told there would be WiFi on the bus and there wasn’t and clearly I was too busy to make it up on the weekend. Not beating myself up about it. AND MIDTERMS ARE OVER which means I’ll have time for blogging quality over this last third of my self induced October blogging challenge.

Happy Monday 7:30pm night Philosophy class buh-bye.


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