Sister Sister


We always joke back and forth about being each others favorite sister. Today though, lets take a second to acknowledge the fact that my older sister may potentially be my favorite person.

While our interests may be totally different, and even parts to our personalities, we have the same laugh. We use the same hands gestures and make the same faces. People used to think we were twins on the phone until I acquired my American accent.

Having an older sister might just be the greatest thing in the entire world. My sister is kind of a big deal- she’s been my role model for all things grown up, from shaving my legs to having a quarter life crisis. Who else can I text on a Saturday night with two outfit combos- and to trust her opinion completely even though she’s not there? Who else am I supposed to call when I feel like my undergraduate degrees are worthless? Who is going to know exactly the right thing to say when a boy is being mean? My sister is my best friend. I’m always proud to see her office when I go home, and I love hanging out at her house. I like kidnapping her for dog walks and hikes, and Skyping over brunch.

All in all, I hope this day is an awesome as you are. I can’t wait to be there and see what you do and accomplish when I’m 25 and then you’re 30 and then I’m 30 and then we blink and we’re bickering grandma’s. Who laugh exactly the same.

Happy Birthday



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