Something Important is Missing Here…

So I’ve been blogging pretty consistent for the past few weeks here, and if you’re a regular lauren elyse CAN reader you’ll have noticed a certain, lack of something. My favorite things.

Where’s the food at?

It’s an important question and a constant thought in my daily internal dialogue. But in all seriousness some of my favorite things in the world are eating, cooking, baking , meal prepping, blogging recipes, food in general, etc… and it’s been lacking on the blog of as late.

Well folks there’s actually a reason for that. Due to some of the deregulation of many NCAA rules over the summer, athletic departments all over the country can provide more meals for their student-athletes. So basically when I’m done with morning weights I can grab breakfast and lunch for the day. On my way to class in the morning I can swing by my campus student-athlete service center and pick something up too. There are two convenient grab and go refueling stations now on campus, and they’ve been an absolute lifesaver. Other side effects?

  1. I’m eating healthier. Instead of packing two granola bars and a peanut butter and jelly, I can grab a salad with chicken, fresh berries, and almonds. The availability of fresh fruits of veggies has been amazing. Even healthy choices like string cheese, Greek yogurts, and natural almonds are available which is better than my grabbing a latte or some type of energy bar from the gas station.
  2. I’m saving money. I haven’t bought food for lunches in nearly a month. I’m also not throwing out food that goes bad in my fridge, which was normally the tail end of fruits or veggies. Healthy dinners I can pick up on the way home from a refueling station or make do with what I have already in the pantry.
  3. I’m not blogging recipes. The downside to grab and go food :( I do actually really miss cooking. Once winter sets in too I’m sure I’ll want to create some of my own things, like hot meals and crock pot dinners! I still have a stew recipe that’s been sitting my drafts forever, and now I’ve finally accepted fall is here and upon us and I can’t get away from it I’ll probably want to get into an autumn mood by cooking :)

Let me know what you’ve missed! Baking? Meal prepping? Breakfast, second breakfast, lunches, dinners, desserts?


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