In the Swing of Things

So we’re nearing the end of October, midterms are long gone, and we’re starting to daydream about Thanksgiving break! Just to give you a little update on what’s been going in life…

One: I’ve been doing yoga- multiple times a week. My room mate just spent some time at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs and came back with 2 DVD’s- Yoga for Divers with two different levels! They were made by an old team mate of mine and are amazing quality. I feel like as long as I keep up with it it will really benefit my training!

Two: I can’t stop taking selfies of my hair. I started wearing a cap in February, when my hair stopped growing and started turning white #chlorineprobs. Now after months are tender loving care my hair is LONG and I am OBSESSED. Remember this photo from this post? Yeah I didn’t take it for the post. I took it because my hair looked awesome


Three: I’ve been asked to be the student speaker at the athletic department all-staff meeting in November. So I don’t have a lot of public speaking experience, but I’m REALLY excited. I’ve been asked to talk about experience at Iowa and the Coach for College program I did in Vietnam. I’ve started drafting speeches already, and thank god I started early because I am finding it IMPOSSIBLE. I have absolutely no idea how to summarize the last four and a half years of my life at Iowa, and no idea how to describe a month teaching in Vietnam. I need way more than 20 minutes- more like a lifetime and a couple photo albums.

Four: I have learned…that I am NOT the kind of blogger that should be blogging everyday. I work better with larger pieces that I afford to dedicate more time to, and I love including and editing media, doing a little promotion, and just giving each piece the attention I feel it deserves. I’m going to finish what I started, but hey. Worth a shot :)

Five: Three more blog posts in my self proclaimed Blogtober challenge, and I have to ask myself…did it work?

Well I’m definitely back in the swing of things in terms of life, and writing. But I don’t know if it was writing (almost) every day that did it, or just time passing by anyways. Maybe I didn’t need a challenge, or a goal, or a quota.

Maybe I just needed the time to pass.


4 thoughts on “In the Swing of Things

  1. Lovely hair! As you may have seen on my blog, I’ve been growing out a bad haircut for about a month…so I feel that! Also, I think it’s great that you’ve recognized that you’re not a daily blogger. I was a daily blogger for a few months and I realized I was more about quantity than quality at that point. It’s good to know what’s best for you! Congrats on your student speaker role as well!



    • Thanks girl! I’m going to finish out these last two days of October blogging everyday, but itll be nice to only focus on two or three posts a week after that!

      Thanks for the blog tour nomination at well!! Ps I can’t wait to see what you do with your hair :)


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