Throwback Thursday, Diving Edition

I started diving as a 13 year old, taking a break at 14, and coming back at 15. I turned 17 at my first Junior Nationals, and 18 at my last. In 2009 I made finals at my first Senior Nationals and have made appearances at Nationals on off since moving in Iowa in 2010. I’ve represented Iowa ever since, and I’ve actually reached my final college season.


2008? Maybe?

A lot has changed since I started diving came to Iowa last year. Overall, I can’t imagine my life without diving. Even now as I sit in my hotel room in Minnesota, at a school where I thought one time was the place for me, it seems so strange to me that tomorrow is my last meet here. Outside of the physicality of diving itself, it has given me more things than I possibly could dreamed of for myself.

I’ve had the opportunity to travel all over Canada, the US, and various parts the world for diving and because of diving. I’ve lived in two of the greatest cities on the continent- Calgary and Iowa City no not biased at all.

I’ve met the greatest friends I will ever have, and will always have. The friendships I have created and developed through this sport will always be the greatest thing I ever received.

The diving community is a small community, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. We support each other, we all know each other, and we love each other.

I know I’ve been struggling to recap my Vietnam experience, because how do I put that into words? But…diving? When I retire, whenever that may be, it won’t even be an experience to write about. It will have been my life. Even now diving has been the last 8 years of my life- that’s not an experience to be recapped or summarized. It even seems funny to say as a blogger/writer, because I always want to go over things and relive them and experience the moments over and over again.

How would you summarize the last 8 years of your life?

This time your late night rant was brought to you by a five hour bus ride.


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