Fifth Year vs. Freshman Year

So a LOT has changed since 2010…and I’m not going to bother listing all the highs and lows! (Unless you guys want a novel) (No) (Maybe). But I’m still in the same college town, going to classes and practices and loving every second of it.

This 23 year old has a whole different perspective however than what my 19 year old self thought college was all about. I’ve been around the block so to say; I know my spots on campus, my bars, my coffee shops, and bike paths. Besides the general familiarity with everything, has my opinion of the world actually changed? What’s different about the thoughts that run endlessly through my brain?


On that boy who rejected me

Freshman: Retreat from party, curl up in fetal position in dorm bed, cry. Act wounded for days

Fifth Year: LOL alright dude you do you *walks back to girlfriends, while they laugh hysterically at you*

On that five-seven page research paper

Freshman: “How many pages? That’s insane I can’t write that much!”

Fifth Year: “How many pages? How am I supposed to fit everything in?!”

On group projects

Freshman: This totally sucks I hate everyone

Fifth Year: This totally sucks I hate everyone

On hangovers

Freshman: “That was the best night ever!!”

Fifth Year: “I am never drinking again I want to die”

On class readings

Freshman: Up till 1am every second night copying down every definition

Fifth Year: Highlight maybe four things every twenty pages that you can skim in five minutes

On nutrition

Freshman: This burger is enough protein right and where has dessert pizza been all my life?

Fifth Year: Ohh a vegan soup! Let’s blog about it! And make brownies out of vegetables!

On the future

Freshman: Wow I wonder where I’ll work and I can’t wait to get a great job and buy a house and isn’t it fun to think about it

Fifth Year: HIRE ME


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