Happy 150, And My Favorite Blogs!

To celebrate my 150th post on lauren elyse CAN, I’m trying something new! Following the advice of my favorite bloggers, Peanut Butter Fingers, I downloaded the Windows Live Writer software and am testing it out for easier posting abilities! Half the time when I sit down to write I end up rambling into a Word Document anyways, so that fact that this is set up eerily similar and allows me to preview and post? I’m in love already.


Let’s a little rowdy up in here and celebrate the fact that you read my blog- so here are the blogs I love reading nearly everyday!

1. Simply Taralynn

Yes, the same Taralynn from the former Tumblr blog Undressed Skeleton, rebranded this year- and I’m in love with her blogs new look. She recently moved to North Carolina and travelled to France, and continues to post amazing recipes and fitness escapades! Not only does she have a kick ass blog and an unreal following (43.6K on Twitter? 57K on Instagram??) the girl is a Hawkeye. Gotta love her.


2. Fit Personality

“Katy Grace” might be new to this whole blog famous thing but I. Am. Obsessed. She’s another healthy living blogger from Arizona, goes to school in Hawaii, and currently is living in London. Her blog is full of sass and wit, as well as amazing media (the girl is a graphic designer…you can tell!). Some of my favorite posts from her are running playlists, grocery lists, and any photos involving a beach!

3. Freedom of Excess

Darcy is my ultimate Woman Crush Wednesday- and she actually found my blog first! We bonded immediately over a shared love of Castle and the Olympic Games. Her blog is dedicated to all things Olympics. This journalism major (from New York but graduated from Miami!) now lives in Colorado Springs where she worked for USA Volleyball and the USOC during the Sochi Olympic Games. Her posts include travel highlights (like when she volunteered for the London 2012 Opening Ceremonies while studying abroad) and her  “Miracle Monday” series, featuring hockey profiles from one of the most famous teams in US history. Her posts are always so well done: informative, great content, and leaves me itching for the next Games.


Can’t wait for the next 150 weeeee happy weekend!!


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