Top Rated Eats

We all know I love to cook, eat, bake, eat while baking, talk about food, and obsess over Pinterest, but I’ve never discussed my top restaurant picks! Why not? Let’s change that.

I don’t eat out very often- mostly due to having a college budget and all my friends having a college budget! Instead we do a lot of “family dinners”. It might be potluck style, everyone bring their own thing, or (more often) two people cooking up a storm and all of us piling into one apartment for the evening. Everyone throws in a couple dollars and we can be way louder than we could in a restaurant.

Ah well! Let’s take a look at a few of my favorite places, from both homes.

Iowa (USA)

Stella (Iowa City)

Mmmm you really can’t go wrong with a place that serves nearly exclusively burgers. Their menu is compromised of 90% beef burgers, chicken burgers, and black bean burgers, all named after different Iowa counties. Toppings range from all kinds of cheeses to mushrooms to fried eggs and bacon, and I’ve had yet to meet a burger I haven’t liked! The place can get packed over Iowa basketball games, but I’d recommend a visit outside of winter anyways when you can sit out on the patio!

Smuggler’s Wharf (Cedar Rapids)

Remember my rant about fish tacos in this post? This is the place to be if you’re craving seafood (except sushi). Their mahi-mahi sliders are the perfect starter, and don’t be afraid to order more than one entrée if you’re starving. Definitely worth the half hour drive for me, and it’s on the cutest street in Cedar Rapids!


Blue Bird Diner (Iowa City)

Absolutely packed on weekend mornings, you really can’t go wrong with the food at a place that sometimes is a 40 minute wait (the only downside). I absolutely love going out for breakfast, and will take a cute, cozy breakfast experience over a packed IHop any day. While they’re open for lunch and dinner as well, I can only vouch for their breakfast and brunch- but with how good it’s been every time I should definitely get in there for lunch sometime! (I’ll report back, no worries)

And An Extra…Calgary (Canada)

Fergus and Bix

Easily my favorite restaurant in Calgary, the original location on the West side of Calgary (think Bow Trail and 85th Street) is worth the trip every time. Their impressive beer menu should be incentive enough but then you add in sweet potato fries? Sirloin Salad? I visit (at least once) every time I’m home without fail!


This post idea was brought to me by I was not compensated for this post and all opinions are my own.


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