The College Things I Forgot

The anti-bucket list, the things-I-never-did list. As my last semester of college is now in full swing and I’m trying to soak up every second, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to make this last semester about. I want to do EVERYTHING I can to go out with a bang. On a high note. Another metaphor to sum up best-years-of-my-life feels.

There are a few things however that I missed out on. The typical college moments that you hear about, and I just passed them by in favor of other opportunities (or a nap).

1. I never pulled an all nighter. I never quite understood the point. I like love sleep. No test has ever stressed my out enough that I would stay past even midnight or 1am studying. Does anyone actually learn anything when it’s 3am and you’re surviving on carbs and Red Bull? Does your brain even function properly?


2. I never participated in F.A.C. As fun as it sounds (sarcasm) (mostly) getting a little rowdy and irresponsible at 6 or 7pm on a Friday night never really struck a cord with me. Participating in Friday After Class was an opportunity that I never took advantage of, but something tells me I didn’t miss out on much.


3. I never went to a frat party. Which, again, I’m sort of okay with. I do know a guy that was President of his frat and they got shut down for too many strippers violations, does that count? This goes hand in hand with “I never joined a sorority.” Whoops. Must have forgot. 


4. I never figured out the fashion thing. Hopefully this day will come, but for now I have to console myself by matching my Nike sports bra to spandex pants and deciding which sweatshirt to wear over it all. When I wear make up to school, my team mates ask what event I had that.

Polar Vortex

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With 3.5 months left till graduation (not that I’m counting), I am in the process of brainstorming an ACTUAL bucket list to make sure I go having done everything possible. Except for the all-nighters; I’ve only got two classes left! Why pull one now?

What do you wish you did your last semester of college?


8 thoughts on “The College Things I Forgot

  1. I thought this was cute and creative! I’ve done the frat thing a few times and honestly its all the same and a bit of a waste of time unless you’re into a sloppy drunk mess. Good luck on your last semester!


  2. Haha oh my gosh, I feel you on literally all of these. Well, I think my fashion sense definitely improved, but I’m certainly no fashionista. And the others just never seemed worth it!


    • Here’s hoping when I have an office job (or a job at all!) I’ll have some form of style to my name! I’m envisioning as soon as I graduate some Fashion Fairy Godmother will visit me and bless my closet with business casual


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