Foodie Confessions

It’s been ridiculously obvious- the lack of recipes on the blog for a while now, but that’s not to say I haven’t been eating well! Before I jump into what I HAVE been eating, it’s time to fess up…

I don’t like the Quest protein chips.

…Or the new Quest bar S’mores flavor.

I know, I know. Shoot me. Why Lauren, why dear lord, how can you call yourself a blogger without being head over heels in love with every Quest product ever you have been declared an outcast.

Let’s be real- if I was going to get shunned it would have been a long time ago for admitting that I don’t like kale and/or kale chips. I bought the Quest protein chips in cheddar in an attempt that they would satisfy my irrational love for puffy Cheetos, but it’s just not the same (this is where you roll your eyes duuuuuh). It’s so much worse. They have the weirdest aftertaste to me, I don’t even know. Anyone else love them? Hate them?

And the s’mores Quest bars! I was so excited. I had such high hopes- how can you go wrong with chocolate and graham cracker and marshmallow in a PROTEIN bar? Personally they taste super cinnamon-y to me…and waaaaay too sweet. Like way too artificially sweet. I knew my sweet tooth took a nose dive after Vietnam and intentions to cut back on added sugars but just…yuck.

On the bright side, having Quest bars around the house that I DON’T like makes it easier to say no to them (obviously), so it’s almost been a blessing in disguise. Instead of being exhausted and looking for a quick fix, i.e. something I can unwrap, I take the time to fry an egg. Or put peanut butter on an English muffin, or Cheerios in Greek yogurt (my current obsession). My lack of love for protein bars has forced me to reach for real food, right off the bat.

I promise to bring you more “what I ate this week” posts…I love creating meal plans and grocery shopping and leftovers! Those posts help keep me accountable, give me ideas for the future, and motivate me to find healthy, cheaper options during the busy week.

In the meantime…what do I do with these Quest products?! Sell them? Run a giveaway? Heeeeelp.


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