Nutrition for Bone Health

Just because I broke a bone doesn’t mean my love for planning, brainstorming, and making lists was lessened. If anything it gave me a project! I love projects. And this one was so important- I tackled it head on.

I read every single freaking thing I could get my hands on when it came to bone health and nutrition, bone healing, fractures, recovery, etc…and now I’m sharing it! Not saying it’s a miracle list by any means…but I’m not saying it’s not by how fast thing has healed in only five days.

Here’s what I’ve been spending all my money on filling my cart with this week…

Grocery list

Nonfat yogurt (I got Greek and regular), Quark (yogurt that’s actually cheese!), Kefir (Yogurt that you drink) (clearly I’m OD’ing on yogurt), skim milk, calcium-fortified orange juice, apples (for boron), broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, lean protein like chicken or turkey, oatmeal, unsweetened dried fruits like apricots and dates, red bell peppers, string cheese, kale, spinach


Okay, don’t hound me on this one. I get that not everyone needs supplements and their effects are not actually proven and it’s a waste of money la dee da. BUT they make me feel better. They really can’t hurt, and they are helping me feel like I am doing everything in my power to get better ASAP

Lysine, Vitamin K, Omega 3 fats, Calcium (duh), Magnesium, Vitamin D3, Multivitamin


What’s on the shit no list? Alcohol, excessive sugar, salt, caffeine (nooooooo)

Anyways, this has led to some pretty healthy meals everyday and very small cups of coffee. Basically every morning has started with an unreal size yogurt parfait- Greek vanilla yogurt, cherry Kefir, flax seeds, almond slices, and some dried fruit! Dinners have been kale salads (turns out I can stomach kale as long as it’t not baked?), chicken, and sweet potato fries (although, shhh, I did have some garlic bread. Totally worth it).

Yogurt bone health orange juice

True life I had three more yogurts after this

Sweet potato fries calcium kale 

The best part about this dinner is I didn’t have to make it :)

Day six with a broken foot down- and TOMORROW I get to try getting back on the boards!


2 thoughts on “Nutrition for Bone Health

  1. I have to be pretty conscious of my diet in terms of bone health too. Osteoporosis runs in my family and it doesn’t help that I’m lactose intolerant and don’t eat dairy, although I don’t drink alcohol or caffeine, so that’s a plus. I love how you pointed out nutrients other than calcium for bone health. I’ve never even heard of boron in terms of bone health.


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