Friday Favorites/Five/Fifteen/Whatever

I’M WRITING TWO DAYS IN ROW!! *insert all sorts of champagne emojis here*

I’ve never been the biggest fan of posting on Friday’s due to the VOLUME of blog posts that go live at the end of the week, typically discussing favorite things or top five of something (I want to see a blogger do 50 of something) (actually that’s a great idea maybe I’ll be that blogger). BUT I’m in a great mood and felt like sitting down to write so here I am, discussing my favorite five things from the past forty eight hours (did I include enough alliterations to justify a Friday post?)

Um hi I’m obsessed with this song. “Fight Song” from Rachel Platten popped up on my social media feed early Thursday morning, and just because the world works in strange ways I saw or heard it EVERYWHERE for the rest of the day! Not that I’m complaining, I’m mildly addicted. Judging by the number of times I heard it in one day means I’m not the only one though too, right? Dare you NOT to belt it out once you’ve learned the words.

I’ve discovered the Holy Grail of protein powders- PEScience Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Using a BLEND of whey and casein protein, PEScience proteins offer the best formula for muscle repair and recovery. Also, the new Peanut Butter Cup flavor is. Ah. Mazing. I scooped up the trial 7-serving tub and IMMEDIATELY made a protein mug cake. Needless to say, I’m never buying another protein powder if this one (with 23g of protein and 3g of sugar per scoop) can taste like a freaking cupcake.


Where are we? Oh yeah #3…I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW! Like a real girl office job! I know I mentioned here that I had scored three(!!) jobs, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still looking. One of them is just an internship and the other is just retail, so I’m still keeping an eye out! Even tonight I sent off two more resumes for companies I’d love to be a part of…have I mentioned I’m excited to graduate and join the real world?

Okay okay it’s a country song but come on, with the weather warming up and summer plans falling in to place you can’t NOT love a little country! Last summer I was pretty obsessed with “Keep Them Kisses Comin'” by Craig Campbell, and Michael Ray’s “Kiss You In The Morning” is an easy 2015 replacement.

And my small victory of the week? Back squatting and dead lifting my body weight or more for the first time since my injury. Even if that’s only 65% of my max- two months ago I could hardly walk and three weeks ago I was squatting with a single 25lb dumbbell. It’s amazing to me the way my body has remembered how to be an athlete; I’m embracing the soreness and loving the early morning alarm (okay, at least it’s light out and not 30 below freezing anymore). I’m even adding in baby jumps and low impact cardio, no running or serious plyos for another week or two. I don’t even care about the running or the fact I’m not setting any personal records in the weight room right now- I am just so happy and thankful to be lifting at all. I am no where close to where I was before February 6th, but I KNOW I am going to get there and I am recognizing that it is going to happen sooner than I think.

A Flashback Friday for everyone…five days post break on the right and 24 hours post break on the left.


Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend! If you need me I’ll be sleeping in, making waffles, and enjoying a (mostly) low-key weekend at home :)


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