Phenoh Review- Stay Hydrated. Stay Balanced.

Through unforeseen circumstances, I had the opportunity this winter to get incredibly out of shape. With that being said, I also now have been given the task of working on getting BACK in shape! Thankfully, through my partnership with Fit Approach, I was asked to review a new kind of sports drink to help get me through those horrible getting-back-into-it workouts: Phenoh.


Phenoh is not like other sports drinks. The whole premise behind the brand is that their product is alkaline, unlike other sports drinks or preworkouts that can be very acidic on the body (coffee included) (guilty as charged). It has only SEVEN ingredients, is paleo friendly, and is low calorie (just 30 per 8 oz. serving).

Other benefits? No added sodium, high in potassium, fortified with Vitamin C and magnesium, and low on the GI Index.

Phenoh 2

Verdict? Not going to lie here…it tasted GREAT! To be fair, it does contain organic aloe vera juice, which I am a fan of. I have heard from friends however, that aloe vera juice is an acquired taste. Phenoh is definitely sweet enough, and like all sports drinks and juices I tend to enjoy them quite watered down! Outside of the taste? I did feel like I was making it through the workouts better than expected! We’ve been doing a lot of eccentric squatting recently (squats that take 5 to 6 seconds going down) which have been miserable, but I definitely have not been getting the same cramping feeling in my legs that occurs when I squat heavy at times. While I am not endurance athlete, I feel like Phenoh helped my recover quicker between workouts (sometimes I have three a day with 1 to 3 hours in between!) This was partially due to the fact that I was chugging water + Phenoh because I honestly loooove the taste.

If you are interested in learning more about Phenoh, or trying some yourself, check out their website! I would not recommend a product I didn’t honestly enjoy, and am looking forward to seeing how Phenoh helps me back into great shape for this summer!

Through being a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach, I received a case of pHenOH to put the test as well as a small compensation. As always all honest opinions are my own. 


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