Weekly Recap Two

Week two is officially over, and while it started SO STRONG things sort of took a nose dive towards the end of the week :( I definitely had a better handle on what the week would look like in general, so it was less of a shock to the system! My body is starting to recognize the early mornings, and even today after staying out last night I was wide awake at 6:15am (110% fell back asleep though- I’m not THAT eager to hop out of bed).

Compared to last week? This week was probably a solid B.

Like I mentioned, the week started on like four near perfect days! I was getting up even earlier as practice had been moved up a half hour, so I could work out then train a little 6:30ish-8am. Planning outfits ahead of time made life way easier- from work clothes to work out clothes to finally just keeping three different pairs of shoes in my car.

Friday morning was a bit of a speed bump for me, but I don’t regret it at all. I (intentionally) slept in Friday morning and worked out at around 6pm that day. Thursday night I had been caught in a massive storm driving home from my second job at 10pm and it took me twice as long to get home- and four times as anxious. I needed the little extra rest. Even though the gym is way busier at 6pm compared to 6am, I found a squat rack just fine and made it through my workout no issue!

Meals were so on point, to a point, this week. Monday-Thursday I was killing it- mixing up my salads, doing overnight oats, having more snacks on hand (aka the jar of peanut butter in my trunk next to all the shoes). Wednesday I had a planned lunch out with a friend so I didn’t even have to worry about anything that day! This week would have been a solid A with the early mornings and the better meal prep, but then Friday and Saturday happened. Friday I skipped my lunch of salad, sweet potato, and a granola bar, because it was our VP’s birthday and I had cake for lunch (honestly I don’t regret this decision much at all- go to Target RIGHT NOW and buy a cake. Best cake of all time). After seeing Jurassic World Friday night (GO SEE THAT WITH YOUR CAKE) I didn’t have much prepped so Saturday, which meant I was stupid hangry the majority of the day. I bought breakfast and lunch out between practice and work and on my lunch break, but the low quality of a chicken sandwich or a bagel left me so unsatisfied and hungry again an hour and a half later. 

Lesson of the week: PROTEIN with breakfast is your best friend. I couldn’t believe I difference I felt in the mornings when I included protein versus not. Yeah I might have looked like a bro with my protein powder in a shaker cup with water, but it was totally worth it.

Highlight of the week: was my coach telling me at practice on Saturday that I was looking really in shape- he knows my goals for the summer include a lot more strength training and just general “working out” so it was nice to hear after months of feeling “out of shape”!

Fun Fact of the week is that I started an additional Instagram account for the blog/meal prepping! I don’t post very often (yet), but it was created in order to help keep me accountable in regards to my meal prepping goals, and once the fall rolls around I’m hoping it will just be more of an extension of the blog!

Follow me on Instagram now @laurenelysecan


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