Turns Out

As it turns out, “being more” is awesome. Loving your job is awesome. Loving your part time job is awesome too, and loving your hobby is, you guessed it, awesome.

I promised at the end of my “Be More” rant that I was on a mission- but I didn’t declare what, or how. As it turns out, that mission was the pursuit of enjoyment and I didn’t even know it yet. Turns out, life is better when you love your job. Or jobs, plural, if you’re like me and never say no. I’ve been at my new position now for just over two three weeks and I am OBSESSED with the work I’m doing. I love everything about it. Sundays used to make me practically physically ill with the thought of five days till the weekend again, and now I genuinely love every day of the week.

Turns out not everything I do has to be wrapped into this identity of self promotion and constant professional development. Part of the reason I don’t blog as much anymore is because I don’t have a “theme”, a “niche”, or a “target audience”. You know who my target audience is? Anyone who feels like reading my random ass ramblings on the internet (hiiiiii parents and friends who I know read this even know we never talk about it). Turns out when you love your job, your hobby (ie, the blog), doesn’t have to be avenue of self-improvement, but an avenue of self expression. Not everything has to be geared towards getting better or getting ahead. 

My last several posts have revolved around this idea that I feel the need to do everything and to do everything to the absolutely best of my abilities, and while I pride myself on my ability to adapt and embrace new challenges I am learning that I do NOT need to excel at everything I leap in to. I absolutely love my job, and I love my sport and my team and the training that comes along with it. I love my part-time job, and am enjoying it more than I thought I would to be totally honest (coaching high school). Just saying- I have no desire to be a professional health blogger. Just because I am trying to be the best athlete I can be does not mean I am trying to ONLY be an athlete. Turns out, I love being a young professional. And as terrifying as it is, I love being a new graduate. The world is uncertain and the possibilities are endless and the path is 100% entirely ours to create.