About The Blog

“Promise me you will not spend so much time treading water and trying to keep your head above the waves that forget, truly forget, how much you have always loved to swim”

lauren elyse CAN has become the project that allows me to explore my love for writing with my love for life. At 22, I feel luckier than I could possibly imagine with my circumstances and want to able to share that. As a student, an athlete, beginner chef, amateur yogi, avid reader, and soon-to-be grown up, my life can be an insane mess in a beautiful day all at the same time.

So what will you find here? A lot about diving, I am sure. I’ll write about the sport and competitions and the intensity of being a Hawkeye student-athlete. I write about food a lot. I’ve just learned to cook and love to expand on that skill set, however this is not a food blog. I’ve found I write about balance often. This wasn’t created as a blog to keep me centered, but it allows reflecting on the busy-ness and finding the calm in the storm of being a Division One NCAA athlete. You will find plenty on sports- other sports, posts about lifting, opinions on professional sports. You’ll find plenty on the Olympics, and my favorites- the Canadian Olympic Team. I am the face-painted-fantasy-champion fanatic that you see in Visa and beer commercials. Nothing is off-limits writing wise. I wouldn’t place any limits on my life and what I can accomplish, so why would I when it comes to a blog about my life?

Ah yes, the name. lauren elyse should be self explanatory (first name, and middle name I’ve always liked and am not embarrassed of like so many other people- why is that a trend? Shouldn’t we like our names?) The CAN is for can do- can do anything, be anything, pursue anything. The CAN is for Canada. The CAN is for “did”- the things I’ve already done and the CAN is for “want”- what I look forward to attempting.

Questions, feedback, and comments are welcome!


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