Weeks 4, Maybe 5?

Whew I really fell off the blogging train for a bit. There’s been a billion things going on (isn’t that always the truth?) and I couldn’t be more thankful for the 3 day weekend. After camp wrapped up on Thursday, I took a four and a half hour nap and STILL slept for approximately 12 hours that night. For those who don’t know me personally, I’ve spent the past six months planning a five day dive camp that just wrapped- by far my largest professional project yet! 

With four weeks of my internship left, I can confidently say that I am in the swing of things in regards to meal prepping! They aren’t kidding when they say it takes 21 days to form a habit; the last week before camp felt like smooth sailing even though the stress was piling up pre-camp. I even tried new things- like protein donuts! Yes I paid $10 for a donut pan and I would do it again.

Not much to report this Sunday, besides just to let everyone know I am still alive, still meal prepping, and ready to step it up a notch :) My brain is buzzing with all sorts of new projects now that camp is off my plate- AND I’m extra inspired because my birthday is on Saturday!

Happy holiday weekend everyone! I’ll be back with more details soon :)


Week Three, Part One.

Well if I learned anything from Week Three of meal prepping is that sometimes more is better and less is stressful.

I was SO excited to have work night off this week from my second job, and I could arrive home around 6pm every night with no other obligations than meal prepping, laundry, and working on my side job (I help run sport camps- nine days to go! Whaaaaat?). What was intended to be relaxing productive evenings turned into “Wow I have so much time I might as well sit and read my book for two hours”.

Spoiler alert. It didn’t work. I ended up being SO LAZY I might as well have been working for all I accomplished :( It’s like I NEEDED those extra hours of work to make the REST of my hours productive.

On the plus side? My workouts where were on POINT! My Monday lift went really well, and Tuesday I actually got to the gym early enough that I could run a full 3 miles and still get in a short strength training circuit before 7am! Wednesday was a quick lift, and Thursday was a rest day as I had an early morning chiropractic appointment- which was 100% worth the skipped work out.

One other benefit to the week? I’m getting in the habit of posting more pictures of my meal prepping to the @laurenelysecan the Insta! I love my food so much I created a whole new Instagram account…it’s like when people love their pets so much they have own account.

Why the abbreviated and early post this week? Well, today I’m taking a shift at my third (forth?) job at 5:30am, and then going out of town! I need the weekend away so bad, my stress levels have been through the roof with commuting and keep up with emails and such. Don’t get me wrong I love camp- after all I spent all of last summer working camps- but I’ve taken on such a bigger role this year it’s exhausting.

I’ll check in early next week to update you on the weekend! I plan on eating less meals out of Tupperwares and relaxing with my best friends for a few days. Happy Friday!!

Weekly Recap Two

Week two is officially over, and while it started SO STRONG things sort of took a nose dive towards the end of the week :( I definitely had a better handle on what the week would look like in general, so it was less of a shock to the system! My body is starting to recognize the early mornings, and even today after staying out last night I was wide awake at 6:15am (110% fell back asleep though- I’m not THAT eager to hop out of bed).

Compared to last week? This week was probably a solid B.

Like I mentioned, the week started on like four near perfect days! I was getting up even earlier as practice had been moved up a half hour, so I could work out then train a little 6:30ish-8am. Planning outfits ahead of time made life way easier- from work clothes to work out clothes to finally just keeping three different pairs of shoes in my car.

Friday morning was a bit of a speed bump for me, but I don’t regret it at all. I (intentionally) slept in Friday morning and worked out at around 6pm that day. Thursday night I had been caught in a massive storm driving home from my second job at 10pm and it took me twice as long to get home- and four times as anxious. I needed the little extra rest. Even though the gym is way busier at 6pm compared to 6am, I found a squat rack just fine and made it through my workout no issue!

Meals were so on point, to a point, this week. Monday-Thursday I was killing it- mixing up my salads, doing overnight oats, having more snacks on hand (aka the jar of peanut butter in my trunk next to all the shoes). Wednesday I had a planned lunch out with a friend so I didn’t even have to worry about anything that day! This week would have been a solid A with the early mornings and the better meal prep, but then Friday and Saturday happened. Friday I skipped my lunch of salad, sweet potato, and a granola bar, because it was our VP’s birthday and I had cake for lunch (honestly I don’t regret this decision much at all- go to Target RIGHT NOW and buy a cake. Best cake of all time). After seeing Jurassic World Friday night (GO SEE THAT WITH YOUR CAKE) I didn’t have much prepped so Saturday, which meant I was stupid hangry the majority of the day. I bought breakfast and lunch out between practice and work and on my lunch break, but the low quality of a chicken sandwich or a bagel left me so unsatisfied and hungry again an hour and a half later. 

Lesson of the week: PROTEIN with breakfast is your best friend. I couldn’t believe I difference I felt in the mornings when I included protein versus not. Yeah I might have looked like a bro with my protein powder in a shaker cup with water, but it was totally worth it.

Highlight of the week: was my coach telling me at practice on Saturday that I was looking really in shape- he knows my goals for the summer include a lot more strength training and just general “working out” so it was nice to hear after months of feeling “out of shape”!

Fun Fact of the week is that I started an additional Instagram account for the blog/meal prepping! I don’t post very often (yet), but it was created in order to help keep me accountable in regards to my meal prepping goals, and once the fall rolls around I’m hoping it will just be more of an extension of the blog!

Follow me on Instagram now @laurenelysecan

Weekly Recap One

So this summer, like last summer, and probably a dozen more times in my life, I put as many things on my plate as I could possibly handle. It’s like in diving when we say “heave and believe” (or another fond saying that rhymes with “___ it and chuck it”), I’m sort of just throwing myself into the process and hoping I come out alright on the other side.

My internship started June 1st (!!!!) and I went back to retail part time on June 2nd. Sounds innocent enough, until it sinks that I’m working 63 hours a week with a 20-45 minute commute. Uhhh. Whoops.

Anyways, this blog isn’t to complain because I’m excited for everything thats going on, but I think I’m going to throw together a post every week to evaluate how I did in regards to workouts and meal prepping! Every Sunday this summer I’ll be writing about how the past week went, getting into detail about how committed I am to get back in shape- lifting heavy and running 3 miles like it’s nothing. I’m a big believer in you don’t find time you MAKE time, so even though I am never at home and don’t have a day off scheduled till July 3rd, I’m determined to make this summer one of the best yet.

This weeks result? Probably a B-

I am SO proud of myself in regards to the past week because I got up between 5:30am and 6am to get my workout done every single day (Monday through Saturday, six days total, Sunday rest day). My new lifting schedule calls for three days a week, so I lifted Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday (I held off Friday because I wasn’t sure if a friend was going to join me or not). Tip for planning weekend workouts: Check summer hours! I got there for my Saturday lift at 6:30am only to find out the gym wasn’t open till 7 :( I ended up doing my whole warm up and jump circuit outside, which in retrospect was kind of nice, so that way I could be starting my squat set right at 7, BUT STILL. I ran Tuesday and Thursday, although Thursday I was running late and only made it through 25 minutes, and Friday I did the Stairmaster and some light lifting. Right now my schedule revolves around getting in the shower at 7:10am, stretching and foam rolling with the team while they get ready for practice 7:30-8am, doing hair and make-up, then walking out the door to drive to the office at 8:15am

Where I struggled a little bit this week was meal prepping. It’s actually a little comical, I’ve given up my normal lunch bag for a cooler I keep in the trunk of my car. I did a great job with cooking chicken, asparagus, baking blueberry oatmeal protein muffins, and washing/chopping raw veggies on Sunday. The only thing is I didn’t get around to was the sweet potatoes and zucchini, very aware I had no time to cook them during the week. Only one day did I not pack enough food and had to buy a meal out (Tuesday night, first day back at retail when I left the house at 6am and got back at 11pm), which is a bonus as I’m trying to not buy anything fast food this summer (not that I did much anyways, but I was guilty of picking up a granola bar instead of having one in my bag some days- I did stop for a Quest bar when I got gas on day as well!). The truth is I really just got bored with my food choices- while I was so excited to have cooked plenty on Sunday, by the time Thursday and Friday rolled around I was so bored of chicken, carrots, apples/bananas, and lame salads (read: greens, asparagus, and dressing) that I wasn’t looking forward to anything I packed. Thank goodness for that Quest bar on Saturday between practice and work at 10 or I would have been losing my mind!

Goals for next week: more variety in my meal prepping, and pick out CLOTHES for the whole week. The most annoying thing when I was getting ready for bed every night was having to pick out a gym outfit and an office outfit. I’m sure I could plan all of those out in advance as well, just like my food, and it would save me a world of annoyances.

Anyways folks, happy Sunday! Thanks for slogging through the long first week recap. If you have any great tips for meal prepping, comment below and I will take them to heart! I’m off to work from 10am-6pm today, and then it’s grocery shopping, cooking, and hopefully a load of laundry until I face plant into bed (ideally around 10:30pm- we’ll see!)

Sunday Quote

Phenoh Review- Stay Hydrated. Stay Balanced.

Through unforeseen circumstances, I had the opportunity this winter to get incredibly out of shape. With that being said, I also now have been given the task of working on getting BACK in shape! Thankfully, through my partnership with Fit Approach, I was asked to review a new kind of sports drink to help get me through those horrible getting-back-into-it workouts: Phenoh.


Phenoh is not like other sports drinks. The whole premise behind the brand is that their product is alkaline, unlike other sports drinks or preworkouts that can be very acidic on the body (coffee included) (guilty as charged). It has only SEVEN ingredients, is paleo friendly, and is low calorie (just 30 per 8 oz. serving).

Other benefits? No added sodium, high in potassium, fortified with Vitamin C and magnesium, and low on the GI Index.

Phenoh 2

Verdict? Not going to lie here…it tasted GREAT! To be fair, it does contain organic aloe vera juice, which I am a fan of. I have heard from friends however, that aloe vera juice is an acquired taste. Phenoh is definitely sweet enough, and like all sports drinks and juices I tend to enjoy them quite watered down! Outside of the taste? I did feel like I was making it through the workouts better than expected! We’ve been doing a lot of eccentric squatting recently (squats that take 5 to 6 seconds going down) which have been miserable, but I definitely have not been getting the same cramping feeling in my legs that occurs when I squat heavy at times. While I am not endurance athlete, I feel like Phenoh helped my recover quicker between workouts (sometimes I have three a day with 1 to 3 hours in between!) This was partially due to the fact that I was chugging water + Phenoh because I honestly loooove the taste.

If you are interested in learning more about Phenoh, or trying some yourself, check out their website! I would not recommend a product I didn’t honestly enjoy, and am looking forward to seeing how Phenoh helps me back into great shape for this summer!

Through being a Sweat Pink Ambassador with Fit Approach, I received a case of pHenOH to put the test as well as a small compensation. As always all honest opinions are my own. 

Friday Favorites/Five/Fifteen/Whatever

I’M WRITING TWO DAYS IN ROW!! *insert all sorts of champagne emojis here*

I’ve never been the biggest fan of posting on Friday’s due to the VOLUME of blog posts that go live at the end of the week, typically discussing favorite things or top five of something (I want to see a blogger do 50 of something) (actually that’s a great idea maybe I’ll be that blogger). BUT I’m in a great mood and felt like sitting down to write so here I am, discussing my favorite five things from the past forty eight hours (did I include enough alliterations to justify a Friday post?)

Um hi I’m obsessed with this song. “Fight Song” from Rachel Platten popped up on my social media feed early Thursday morning, and just because the world works in strange ways I saw or heard it EVERYWHERE for the rest of the day! Not that I’m complaining, I’m mildly addicted. Judging by the number of times I heard it in one day means I’m not the only one though too, right? Dare you NOT to belt it out once you’ve learned the words.

I’ve discovered the Holy Grail of protein powders- PEScience Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup. Using a BLEND of whey and casein protein, PEScience proteins offer the best formula for muscle repair and recovery. Also, the new Peanut Butter Cup flavor is. Ah. Mazing. I scooped up the trial 7-serving tub and IMMEDIATELY made a protein mug cake. Needless to say, I’m never buying another protein powder if this one (with 23g of protein and 3g of sugar per scoop) can taste like a freaking cupcake.


Where are we? Oh yeah #3…I GOT A JOB INTERVIEW! Like a real girl office job! I know I mentioned here that I had scored three(!!) jobs, but that didn’t mean I wasn’t still looking. One of them is just an internship and the other is just retail, so I’m still keeping an eye out! Even tonight I sent off two more resumes for companies I’d love to be a part of…have I mentioned I’m excited to graduate and join the real world?

Okay okay it’s a country song but come on, with the weather warming up and summer plans falling in to place you can’t NOT love a little country! Last summer I was pretty obsessed with “Keep Them Kisses Comin'” by Craig Campbell, and Michael Ray’s “Kiss You In The Morning” is an easy 2015 replacement.

And my small victory of the week? Back squatting and dead lifting my body weight or more for the first time since my injury. Even if that’s only 65% of my max- two months ago I could hardly walk and three weeks ago I was squatting with a single 25lb dumbbell. It’s amazing to me the way my body has remembered how to be an athlete; I’m embracing the soreness and loving the early morning alarm (okay, at least it’s light out and not 30 below freezing anymore). I’m even adding in baby jumps and low impact cardio, no running or serious plyos for another week or two. I don’t even care about the running or the fact I’m not setting any personal records in the weight room right now- I am just so happy and thankful to be lifting at all. I am no where close to where I was before February 6th, but I KNOW I am going to get there and I am recognizing that it is going to happen sooner than I think.

A Flashback Friday for everyone…five days post break on the right and 24 hours post break on the left.


Here’s hoping everyone has a great weekend! If you need me I’ll be sleeping in, making waffles, and enjoying a (mostly) low-key weekend at home :)