DIY Acai Bowl

Acai Bowl: “the prettiest, most colorful breakfast option around. In short, breakfast porn…acai bowls are parfaits on chilled, tropical steroids” (The Art of the Acai Bowl)

That quote wasn’t enough to intrigue you on this Brazilian breakfast? What about this one:

“It’s a freaking fruit smoothie, filled with some organic soy and the most powerful super fruit in all the land: acai. Now, acai on it’s own is good. But when you top it with the perfect amount of crunchy organic almond flax granola AND strawberries AND blueberries AND banana? You might as well kill me now because I would die with a purple acai-stained smile on my face.” (Fit-Personality, Acai Bowls- A Love Letter)

How about some visual evidence? Click on the photo for the recipe

Convinced yet? Me too. It’s at the top of my list of new recipes to try as soon as I move into the new apartment! Check out this DIY Acai Bowl from Living Like Larz!

Is a smoothie in a bowl ice cream? Can you count this as ice cream for breakfast? If so, this is the healthiest freaking breakfast ice creams I’ve ever seen. Healthy breakfast ice cream sounds like a triple oxymoron, lets scratch that whole idea.  I’d love to hear if anybody has tried an acai bowl before!

In other news:

  • I’ve finished two out of my four finals (not including a final essay)
  • Two of my best friends are coming HOME with me on Friday!
  • I got my Vietnam assignment for the summer- I’ve be teaching English and coaching soccer!!
  • The blog is getting a new design! Can’t wait!

Alright, blogging break for me is over. Back to studying k byeeee.