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Life update: I have a day and a half left of my internship, start my new “real” job on Monday, and my tan is approximately at 7% of last years. Office life probs.

This summer has come with a lot of reflecting and looking ahead. I’ve struggled to find the “why” behind my discontent- why do I feel the need to constantly “be productive”? Not saying that this is a bad thing- I LIKE being productive and feeling busy. The issue I’m currently running into is…what am I training for? What do I have to be productive towards?

I read a blog post from one my favorites the other day, and she summed it up perfectly: “I am a do-er, not a perfectionist”. I am not one to nit pick on every single little detail, but am I am one that loves to look at the big picture. That involves creating training schedules that don’t account for stretching and foam rolling (or sleep), and always feeling AMAZING after a yoga class but never making the time to go.

My entire life I have been an athlete, and I have been fortunate enough to train hard and to travel the continent and excel in a high-performance setting. And as positive as I tried to be throughout the ordeal, breaking my foot scared the crap out of me. It’s been six months, and it still makes me angry and it still makes me sad that I didn’t get the opportunity to perform at my peak, as this season was by the far the best I have ever felt with my diving. I spent the rest of the winter doing rehab and competing on painkillers, spent all spring recovering and then training for Nationals. After a perfectly average, nothing outstanding Nationals performance, I’ve spent the whole summer working out to feel “back in shape”. I was/am convinced that my physical conditioning after the broken foot was the worst it’s been in years (which I completely understand comes with the territory of injury). I am not a dainty athlete- my strength in diving has always been my power over my technique or “rip” (entering the water without a splash). To have that taken away felt like a much bigger blow than it needed to be because that certain injury took away everything I was “good” at. I had to rely on the things I wasn’t as good at to get me through and I couldn’t stand it.

This summer, I have been getting up at 5:30am and working out before I had to go to the office, or would go straight to the gym from work if I didn’t make it before 8am. I don’t even have a meet to train for yet, as next years nationals haven’t been posted but I am assuming my next competition will be between December and February. And honestly? I am back “in-shape” at this point. I can squat, I can run, I’m doing just fine. And yet, the discontent remains. That burn is still there, lingering, from when I felt “out of shape”.

I am not training to be in shape anymore- I am training out of fear of feeling weak. It’s not always positive and it’s not always fun, and I’ve complained to my Dad about not wanting to become a cookie-cutter health blogger because I am not someone who goes to gym to do Pinterest workouts and writes running playlists (I will write about food however, 10/10 times). I want to be a force of nature. I want to be a hurricane of an athlete- strong and fierce, not weak and afraid.

I want to push myself, in every way possible. I want to surpass my standard of feeling “in shape”. I want to attempt harder dives, and lift heavier, and run further. I want to do more and be more and really see what I can do- what I’m capable of as an athlete. I am feeling that motivation to train harder, smarter, and to pay more attention to my nutrition and recovery.

Another quote from that same favorite blogger sealed the deal for me today: “You have to do decide who are to be, and just be it”. You cannot wait for Monday or next season or when you lose ten pounds to declare you are “starting”. This is life- you have already started. If you want to do something, train for something, be something, just go be it.

With that in mind, I’m on a mission. To do more and be morestay tuned.


Three Things, Third Month

My apologizes on giving you guys the update on Big Tens and leaving you hanging for over a week! Following coming home we hosted the Men’s Championship meet, so I was at the pool cheering 6 hours a day doing physical therapy every chance I could get. Contrast baths, towel workouts, resistance stuff…my foot felt totally recovered about five days after competing on it! Well in relative terms- it went back to how it felt pre-competing on it.

The good greatest news? There was no damage done diving on it, and it’s healing like it should! I got follow up x-rays last week and the bone is healing, slowly but surely. I’m still in the boot, yuck, but at this point it’s more to help heal the ankle sprain and to help it recover now that I’m going to try diving again.

Side Note: I didn’t even know I sprained my ankle until I saw the doctor again last week, but it makes perfect sense. I basically sprained my ankle so hard the bone broke. The bummer is that ankle will always be a little stretched out and a little weaker, but with adequate rehab and preventative measures it shouldn’t be a big deal from here on out!

So I suppose the first things to update you on this month is I DOVE ON IT YESTERDAY! I’m still in an outrageous tape job, doing therapy before and after, and am only allowed to train once a day, but practice went SO WELL! I actually got through all of my one meter dives, which took me two days and a lot of tears two weeks ago.

My jump is probably at 60-70% of my regular jump, and our athletic trainer did call me out for favoring it towards the end of practice. All-in-all however, optimism paid off and I was very pleasantly surprised  with how my first day back went. Oh! And another bright spot! I didn’t wake up this morning feeling like I couldn’t walk or was too sore to function- I feel normal and that’s really the goal at this point.

Okay that was a long first thing. ANYWAYS

2. I was invited into the Girls Gone Sporty Ambassador Program! Obviously health and fitness has been a driving force in my life, but I’ve been more involved in sport than fitness itself. I couldn’t be happier to represent a community that encourages women to live a healthy, sport-filled life. It creates networking opportunities for support, cutting-edge content to make sure you’re receiving the best information, and is uniting people who LOVE to be active!

3. You’ve heard me complain talk about my job search anxieties, mention plans after graduation, and mull over what in the world I’m going to do with my life. Well at this point I’m thrilled to announce I’ve accepted one two three different job offers! One’s a part time position that I’ll be working at on and off, more so in April when the seasons over, one is a position managing one of the diving camps I worked out so I spend the majority of my spare time on that, and one is ten-week summer internship with a baseball tournament operations and scouting agency! The official resume titles will be Nike “Athlete”, Camp Director, and Tournament Operations Intern.

Clearly the year isn’t going as planned, but that’s okay. There’s plenty of amazing things to come.

Future Quote

The College Things I Forgot

The anti-bucket list, the things-I-never-did list. As my last semester of college is now in full swing and I’m trying to soak up every second, I’ve been reflecting on what I want to make this last semester about. I want to do EVERYTHING I can to go out with a bang. On a high note. Another metaphor to sum up best-years-of-my-life feels.

There are a few things however that I missed out on. The typical college moments that you hear about, and I just passed them by in favor of other opportunities (or a nap).

1. I never pulled an all nighter. I never quite understood the point. I like love sleep. No test has ever stressed my out enough that I would stay past even midnight or 1am studying. Does anyone actually learn anything when it’s 3am and you’re surviving on carbs and Red Bull? Does your brain even function properly?


2. I never participated in F.A.C. As fun as it sounds (sarcasm) (mostly) getting a little rowdy and irresponsible at 6 or 7pm on a Friday night never really struck a cord with me. Participating in Friday After Class was an opportunity that I never took advantage of, but something tells me I didn’t miss out on much.


3. I never went to a frat party. Which, again, I’m sort of okay with. I do know a guy that was President of his frat and they got shut down for too many strippers violations, does that count? This goes hand in hand with “I never joined a sorority.” Whoops. Must have forgot. 


4. I never figured out the fashion thing. Hopefully this day will come, but for now I have to console myself by matching my Nike sports bra to spandex pants and deciding which sweatshirt to wear over it all. When I wear make up to school, my team mates ask what event I had that.

Polar Vortex

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With 3.5 months left till graduation (not that I’m counting), I am in the process of brainstorming an ACTUAL bucket list to make sure I go having done everything possible. Except for the all-nighters; I’ve only got two classes left! Why pull one now?

What do you wish you did your last semester of college?

Pinstripes and Lipgloss {Interview}

Thanks to Taylor Yates for agreeing to provide lauren elyse CAN with an interview!Taylor’s blog, Pinstripes and Lipgloss, and has been one of my favorite blogs since joining the Her Campus Blogger Network, and she never fails to write hilarious lifestyle posts!

What made you want to start a blog last year?
I love to write, but my major doesn’t require a lot of writing. I’d missed writing, and I was looking for a way to write outside of my studies. I saw a friend’s blog, and decided that blogging seemed like a good way to express myself. My blog started as a journal of sorts. I’d write sporadically and on random things. This December, I decided to get serious and actually give my blog a proper name and a focus. And here I am!

Why did you decide to study business?
It was haphazard, really. I originally wanted to be an English major and then go to law school, but when I heard about the University of Pennsylvania’s business school, I thought that an undergrad in business would be more useful and a great foundation for law. I applied and was accepted, and about a year in, I realized I loved business and dropped the law thing entirely.

Could you name your favorite and least favorite thing about college?
My favorite thing about college is how much it has exposed me to the world. I come from a small town in Wyoming, and so moving to the middle of Philadelphia and attending a huge university has been an amazing experience. I’ve met people from so many diverse backgrounds and gotten to experience a city very different from my own. It’s hard to come up with a least favorite thing, but I would say that my least favorite thing about college is that it’s one step closer to the real world. Sometimes I stop and realize that I’m about two years from graduating, living on my own, and making major life decisions. It’s exciting but it’s also scary!

What about your favorite and least favorite things about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is building relationships, not just with my readers, but with other bloggers. It’s an amazing feeling when you post something personal and someone comments with their own personal story. I love connecting with my readers and learning from amazing bloggers. My least favorite thing is probably how hard it is to get out there and get readership. Some days I feel like I have all this amazing content, but no one’s reading it, and it can be really frustrating. I just tell myself it’s not a numbers game, and that once you start looking at the numbers, you stop focusing on producing great content.

What’s a hobby you’ve always wanted to get into?
I mentioned this recently on my blog actually, but I’d really like to learn how to cook better. I can do basic things well, but I’d like to learn actual techniques. I think cooking is a timeless skill, and I’d love to learn myself so I can teach my family someday.

What’s a goal you’re working on now?
This is a little vague, but my biggest goal right now is improving my readership and my blog as a whole. I’m working on a redesign as well as collaborating with other bloggers and with companies as well. I’m also in the process of setting some tangible, more specific goals for where I want my blog to go.

How Student-Athletes Study for Finals

…we don’t want to. End of blog post. No one wants to study. It’s a necessary evil of being in college, and being a student-athlete. Combining this finals week with the fact that I am packing to move makes this week extra stressful for me! I’ve written about finals here, and check out where my school studies in this Buzzfeed article.

I’ve been around the finals block eight times now (what) and while I could write more tips and tricks and advice, here’s what I’ve picked up over the years- what athletes try to do when it comes to studying!


1. We balance precariously- Yes I’m talking time, but I’m also talking about literal balance. We’ve got ice bags and water bottles and calculators and at any moment we could lose em all! The time balance is crucial, between the studying you have to get in and the practices you’d like to get in. Also, I didn’t move for 25 minutes today reviewing notes because I had a bag of frozen peas on my shoulder. Don’t see that in the library very often.

The struggle

2. While eating- Honest to goodness I don’t think I could study without eating. That’s normal right? It’s brain fuel.

3. While moving- Studying while riding the stationary bike or walking on the treadmill was on the best pieces of studying advice I took to heart! I don’t know the science behind it, if there even is any, but you can get unreal amounts of learning done during this time! Tip: set the treadmill on a high incline so your neck isn’t angled down too far.

4. Looking like we always do- Me during the school year? Sweat pants, an old competition t-shirt, running shoes, no make up, messy bun. Finals week? Sweat pants, an old competition t-shirt, running shoes, no make up, messy bun.

5. Giving ourselves breaks- More often than not you’ll find us squeezing in a workout or a practice here and there. We don’t exactly like days off. Giving out of the house and out of the library gives our brains a REST, and a chance to come back to the books feeling fresh!

6. Not pulling all-nighters– I love sleep. I love to sleep, I hate how I feel without it, I value it’s importance, and 100% of the time I will choose sleep over studying if I still have an early morning the next day.

Happy finals week all if you’re still going (or just starting) like me. Excuse the shorter post, I should be studying :) If you’re already done, I hate you enjoy your summer break!! Tomorrow I’ve got a guest post for you involving a smoothie…in a bowl. Stay tuned!



Blog {Tour}

Something that I’ve loved about blogging has been the interactions with other bloggers- the community we find ourselves in is always so supportive, there’s always someone to talk to, ask advice, etc! Last week I was spotlighted by Lindsay at More Awesomer as part of a Blog Tour- basically a way to share your writing process and pass along a couple links of other blogs to check out! Check out her post here. I’ve been a big fan of More Awesomer for a while now; Lindsay has a great writing style and does a beautiful job with her photos and content. Definitely a lifestyle blog I would recommend checking out!

What am I working on?
Right now I’m working on just producing quality content and finding my focus. I want to be writing posts that I get excited about, and I’ve learned that the posts I get nervous about publishing are the ones that get the most response! My blog right now involves just loving the writing process, loving the learning curve, and enjoying the interactions and connections blogging has given me. I’m also collaborating on some new design things, so stay tuned! This summer is going to be insanely busy, so I’m brainstorming things for the fall (when I have more time) that involve more scheduled posts, organized pages, etc.

How does my work differ from others in its genre?
I’m not really sure if lauren elyse CAN has a genre quite yet! It started off as a “student-athlete” blog which is probably the tiniest niche I could possibly try and fit into. It’s evolved into very much into a healthy living blog, with a focus on college. I’ve been trying to write under the principle of “living healthy, staying sane,” which to me means writing about the typical health subjects like recipes and workout recaps, but I also try to include posts about mental health, inspiration, stress reducers, time savers, etc. Almost like I’m a health blogger than focuses on wellness and competitive sport at the same time. A health blogger who loves to compete? A college girl lifestyle blog who is just really, really busy?

Why do I write what I do?
Primarily I write what I do because I love it. That’s why I started a blog in the first place- I simply loved to write and wanted to find a platform. I find myself excited to try new healthy recipes because I want to share the process and the finished product, and writing about running has held me more accountable! I write when I accomplish big goals (Back Squat Max Squat), when I want to share what has impacted my life (like my Freshman 15 post), when I finish something I’ve been working towards (Nationals, Warrior Challenge, River Run), and when I feel like I’ve written something that might really make an impact (The College Advice I Wish I Knew <– this post has gone borderline viral!)

How does my writing process work?
Before I started the blog, I started a list on my phone of everything I could write about. Since starting the blog, I’ve never looked at it. Primarily I write about personal current events, like what I’m eating, where I’m traveling, where I’m competing. For the most part I keep all my post ideas in my head, or I write a basic draft on a Word Document. The longer posts I try to write ahead and schedule, but most of the time I sit down to write something and post it the same day! Currently I don’t plan ahead much- while I’d like to, I find I write best when the mood strikes and I find the time. Like mentioned above, when the fall rolls around and I can dedicate a little more time to blogging, I’d love to implement a slightly more organized system.

Who I am spotlighting? Check out their Blog Tour posts Monday, May 12th!

Kriselle, at Livin’ and Lovin’! Kriselle’s blog is 1. A beautiful design and 2. Packed with awesome content! Kriselle writes about what she loves about life (hence the name), including fashion, beauty, religion, college life, her friends and boyfriend, and travel. Make sure to check out her stunning photos with basically every post! She’s got a super friendly writing style and her site is very easy to explore to find what you’re looking for.

Vanessa, at A City Girl’s Guide to Life! I’m a massive fan of Vanessa’s blog, as her main focus is the life of a young professional and how to look the part. Her posts always include great advice and can recommend the latest products and trends a recent grad should pay attention to.. She’s incredibly fashion-savy, which I am not, and is a prominent Boston blogger- a city I’ve never been to but am rapidly wanting to visit soon!

Jennifer, at Fashionista Jenn! Have I mentioned I’m not a fashion blogger? Jenn’s blog is bright, fun, and full of amazing outfits and fashion advice. Something that differs about Jenn’s fashion blog is that she doesn’t just focus on clothes and where to buy them, she includes DIY fashion posts, writes about budget, and puts a big focus on personal style!