{Weekly Words} Time Stands Still

Like the mornings that involve a massive cup of coffee, my balcony, and sweatpants. Especially with the new balcony facing east and having the sun on my face, pre-practice, before the craziness of the day starts.

Like the ordinary life that includes making eggs with the boy, where he’s making me die laughing over something ridiculous and to be honest I can’t even remember what he said but I remember the moment perfectly. An ordinary morning but turns into something burned into your memory.

Or in some of the moments I love the most, driving around the state of Iowa. Watching the small towns and the clouds roll by. If people say they hate long car rides or road tripping, they need to take a trip through the Midwest. The 50 pictures I have of clouds of my phone attempt to do it justice, but never quite will.

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{Weekly Words} Work Hard In Silence

You know those people who go to the gym, take a gazillion selfies, and blast them all over Instagram? Or the one who always complains about how hot and sweaty their run was in Twitter…this is for those people.

Whether this applies to fitness, studying, or just good habits like drinking water, loudly sharing your actions with the world does nothing to being you closer to your goals. Whether you put your five mile run on social media or not, it’s still a 5 mile run. It’s still an accomplishment. It’s still progress.

The number of times your feet hit the pavement is more important that the number of likes or shares you get. 100% of the time. Getting two dozens likes does not bring you closer to your goal. Getting the workout done does.

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise. Let your hard work show when the time is right. Put your nose to the grind and work your ass off for whatever it is that you want to accomplish in the world. Do not turn outwards for external validation that what you’re doing is “right” or “wrong” or what you “should” be doing. Do whatever the crap you want and what you put in will be what you out of it.

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{Weekly Words} You Will Never Know

Uh, because who doesn’t love love inspirational quotes and diving boards. Duh.

This one is corny, but who cares. Inspirational quotes can be corny. I like love corny. And this could not be more applicable for my sport- you never know what’s going to happen. On a dive, on a recruiting trip, at a meet.

If you never even try to make a State Championship, you won’t. If you don’t try to make a National team, you won’t. If you never even attempt platform diving, you won’t be good at it.

Sometimes you smack in diving. You get bruises and black eyes, and sometimes you get shin splits and burnt cookies and all kinds of crap of that comes with trying new things. Something you’ll try time and time again, others you won’t. Some may be worth it, like that dive, and some maybe not.

It sounds like such a simply concept, but think of the last time you tried something new for the first time. You may NEVER know that you love Cross Fit or Zumba or kale until you give at least ONE shot.

What’s something you’ll take a chance on today? What about this week? Or even this year.

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