So, What About Diving?

I started this blog in the hopes that my friends and family back home could read about what my life was like down in the States- as a NCAA Division 1, student-athlete. That mission holds true today but now a lot more people read this blog than I thought! I love writing about the healthy recipes I’ve tried, the travel we must go through, weekend getaways, and accomplishing goals.

So, why haven’t I ACTUALLY been writing about diving? It’s the funniest thing, for a student athlete blogger I write way more about life than I do about my own sport! In fact if someone was to come across my blog now, they would probably think I’m some type of runner (hahahahahahaha. No.)

A little background- during the 2013/2014 season I actually took what’s called a “red-shirt” year, which basically means I take a year off from competing for my college team. I was/am still training with them, was there for home meets, had all the same workouts, I just didn’t travel to the away meets and conference and such! Every NCAA athlete has four years of eligibility to compete with five years to use it, so now I’ve used 3 years of my NCAA eligibility and my red shirt year, and will be competing my fifth year at Iowa! Clearly having less diving competitions would give me less of a reason to write about it- I simply have less competitions to recap. In fact, this year I competed only one time at the 2014 Canadian Winter Senior National Championships.

I took my red shirt year because I know I’m not done yet. I wasn’t ready to dive for one more year, walk across the stage, get my degrees and get on my life. No way. I knew if I was going to keep diving I might as well represent Iowa my fifth year rather than forth, as I’ll have a whole other year of training under my belt. I want to represent Iowa the best I can at the B1G Championships, NCAA Zones, and maybe even the NCAA Championships. I took the year to train my butt off, learn new dives, support the team. I figured out my last year of school class-wise, and am soooo so ready to return to competition in the fall.

So yes, this is a student-athlete blog. And this student-athlete cannot WAIT for the 2014/2015 season! The season right now looks like, well nothing. It’s the season of cross-training and relaxing and getting your batteries recharged as my coach would say. The time to focus and buckle down is not this time, just staying on my toes :) If the blog makes it look like I’m on a permanent vacation I am I assure you it’s simply the time of year! This is when I can let my body de-stress, try new things, travel, and visit with my family and friends.

The diving is there. The diving has been there, is with me now, and will be there with a vengeance this fall! Thanks for reading all the content I put out there that doesn’t even have to do with diving :)