I am SO sorry for not posting in over a week! The last two weeks have been complete insane. Last week every second I wasn’t studying for finals I was packing to move as soon as I get back to Iowa, and on Friday May 16th my two best friends came with me to CALGARY! The week could not have been a better time, if you’re friends with me on Facebook (private so only if ya know me, sooorry) or follow me on Instagram you’ll be flooded with pictures over the next couple days. I’ll get some up here I am sure!

And, obviously, the blog has gotten a facelift! I’m in love with the new design and can’t thank Mo Ollivander enough for her help and her patience while I worked through the process! I’ve got to get some Widgets in order and make a decision on how I want to organize pages and such, but it’s always a work in progress and the #1 goal is still very present- writing.

Any who, I know this is an incredibly short post but I wanted to send out a quick note saying I AM still around and will be posting again over the weekend and next week! I’m still at home for the ten days and cannot wait to get back into some form of a routine before the awesome hectic summer I’m about to go through- details coming soon :)