Pajama Talk

Happy Boxing Day to my Canadians! And…what, Day After Christmas for my American friends? Is this a holiday for you guys? I live there, I should know this, but I’ve never been there over Christmas so…excuse me if I’m missing something.

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas Eve and Day! Here’s hoping lots of time was spent with friends and family and that Santa was good to you. My holiday season has been packed and busy like usual, but it’s always nice to catch up with people when I’m only home a few weeks out of the year. We’re big on holiday traditions here, starting with an annual caroling party this past Sunday and street hockey every Christmas Eve! Yes, we really do sit around my aunt’s living room every December and sing Christmas carols. The Christmas Eve street hockey tradition is one that’s been going on 22 years in the same house, and goodness knows how many years before that (Dad help me out here, 15?)

This Christmas has been unique in the sense that busy hasn’t all been social activities, but lots of errands due to last minute Christmas shopping and wrapping and my favorite sister being completely on crutches! So today, on Boxing Day, I slept till 10am and stayed in bed till 11. I stayed in my pajamas until 4pm, watching Pitch Perfect (a favorite) with the fam and now blogging on my new MacBook Pro! Thanks to my Mum and Grandma for a combined Christmas and early graduation gift, I’m finally situated on a computer that doesn’t take 20 minutes to turn on!

I’ve still got the weekend to spend at home with my family before I head back to school early on the 29th, where we head in to our three week training camp (cue half-hearted cheers of excitement) (okay it is an extremely useful training period- I just get SO. TIRED.)

My post-Christmas to do list is nearly as long as my pre-Christmas list, but it still varies greatly from my lists during the year. It involves finishing bottles of testing new red wines, maybe going to gym or doing yoga (I went on Christmas Eve and it was a gong show, yikes), going on dog walks, and sleeping in. I’m taking full advantage of the lack of schedule in my life to enter 2015 more grounded, relaxed, and recharged.

Happy Holidays readers! Any MacBook Pro users have some great blogging tips, apps, or software they can’t live without?