Injury Update!

Happy Wednesday! And it really is a happy Wednesday…hump day and all I’m in a great mood. Am I still in boot? Yup. Do Big Ten Championships still start in a week? Yup.

BUT YOU GUYS. For fracturing my foot just this past Friday, it is mind blowing how well this thing is healing. The bruising is still pretty intense- a nice navy blue strip going down the side of my foot, and the rest of my foot is various shades of purple and green. The weekend and the past few days I’ve been strict about icing every two hours, Tylenol three times a day, elevating every chance I get, and wearing a compression sock 24/7.

I’ve been using GameReady at the pool, a therapy tool where I stick my foot in a boot that fills up with ice water so it simultaneously ices and compresses. I’ve also been doing high voltage electrical stimulation, which I’ll try to explain the best I can. Basically a pad with a negative charge goes directly on the fracture site, and a pad with a positive charge is put higher up on my calf muscle. Once it’s turned on as much as you can take it, it somehow magically blasts bad things away from the bruising and swelling for your body to get rid of. Fancy, right?


 Guess which day was today and which day was Saturday??

I’ve had a couple different tape jobs all designed to reduce the swelling, and the one today is pretty extensive. Our athletic trainer got me all wrapped up and then had me walk across the room, then slowly had me walk heel-toe across the room. I feel sore, but not in pain, when I put the weight on the ball of my foot and my toes.


Tape job from Monday- called a “basket weave”. The one I have today is the same but goes all the way up my ankle!

Overall my trainer and I, and my coach, and shaking are heads at how fast this seems to be coming together. The tentative plan as off today is to try diving again THIS Friday. Nothing serious; just some entries and fall dives and see how it holds up.

Thank you to everyone who sent messages of support and encouragement! I could not do this without all the positive vibes- it means the world to me, and helps more than you know. Go Hawks!


Taking Back the Blog

Someone recently asked me what I want my life to look like. What do I want my life to feel like, taste like. How I want to walk through the world.

It’s been no secret to those around me that I’ve had a hard time settling back into life after the summer. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- it was the most unreal summer of my entire life. It was hard, but I grew, and I learned. I had the time of my life, and now my life is how it was before with school and diving and friends but things feel different. I feel different. Things aren’t how they used to be and I’m trying to work through what’s permanent and whats not. I’m trying to figure out what I want my life to look like- not just make it look and feel like how it did before.

There’s been some personal shit going on in my world right now. I don’t mean stuff, I mean shit, because it hurts, like when you stub your toe or slam your hand in a door and you can’t help but let out a emotional “shiiiii-“. This post is about moving past that. Apologizing to those around you for swearing and getting on with your life even if your toe still hurts like a bitch.

I want my life to look and feel and taste happy. I want to love my life, every minute of it, and love it even when it’s hard and I wish things were different. I want to train hard again. I want to find my motivation to sit down and study. I want my life to be healthy, and full, without questions or doubt. I want to feel at ease. I want to travel, and do yoga, and go for runs, and write about it all.

So what do I mean by Taking Back the Blog? Basically I’ve fallen into this trap of trying to be an author that I’m not. I love this blog, and the direction that it’s gone in, and the following and the friends that I’ve made, but I’m reclaiming some of it as mine. I don’t have to be chipper all the time, I really don’t. I’m going to WRITE. I’m going to share what I’m really thinking, and really experiencing, and share every single reason why I’m in love with my life.

I’m still going to write about recipes, and meal planning, and how I make my life easier. I’m going to write about diving and travel and the things I can’t live without. I’m just going to make an effort to write more- to vent more, to share more, to not worry about a “niche” or an “audience.”

I’m creating what I want my life to look like, from the inside out. Let’s talk about it. I’m taking my own advice.